Armchair Assembly April 13, 2021

I had big intentions when I started up with this blog. I planned on writing at least five posts a month and hopefully more. Life hasn’t gone according to plan. I started strong and then it sort of faded off into the back of my digital mind. It’s not like I’m doing nothing. I have a day job. A hobby. A granddaughter. A kitchen remodel going on 2 years now. Never mind about that, though.

I’m writing a screenplay

The good news is I’m writing a screenplay. It was my son’s idea. He wants to make a horror/suspense movie and he asked me to co-write the script with him. We’ve been throwing ideas around for weeks and I recently started writing the first draft. I’ve never written horror/suspense, so this has been a real adventure into the unknown.

When you’re writing horror/suspense how do you know if something is scary? I’m not scaring myself when I write it, or read it. Somehow I have to anticipate what I’m writing will translate into something terrifying on the screen. If you have any ideas, feel free to drop me a Letter to the Editor.

It’s not the first screenplay I’ve written. I’ve got two more sitting in the really-needs-to-be-edited pile. One is a ridiculous take on a guy who doesn’t know what to do with his life. Naturally, he gets caught up in a spy ring.

My Personal Cliffhanger Reboot

The other one is a challenge I gave to myself and accepted. I read they were doing a female led reboot of the movie Cliffhanger[1]Rotten Tomatoes has Cliffhanger being release May 8, 2015. It really came out May 28, 1993. The problem I have with the “female led” remakes is they usually replace the man with a woman, but the story remains male-centric.

The challenge I gave myself was to rewrite Cliffhanger with a female lead, but reframe the story to be less about how many people can we kill to how many people can we save. Honestly, I kind of like the rough draft, but we’ll see how the edit goes.

I’m not opposed to violence in movies. I love to see explosions as much as the next guy. Giant monsters fight and crush buildings? I’m there. I love space battles most of all. I’m just weary of the destruction and need to see some hope.


By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, Land is a fantastic movie about loss, survival, and hope. In the midst of a global pandemic, loss and governmental tyranny this movie stirs the soul and revives the heart. Robin Wright is fantastic. She absolutely can carry movie.

Speaking of horror/suspense

Faucian Bargain by Steve Deace and Todd Erzen is as scary as they come and it’s non-fiction.

If you’ve been concerned at all with regard to how the government has handled the Covid-19 pandemic you should read this book. If you aren’t concerned, you should read this book. The book is documented to the hilt. It’s easy to read and eye opening.

Keep your eyes open

There’s more to come. I finished a study through Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians! I’ve also recently gone through Jonah and Matthew. Matthew was long term with some starts and stops. I’m hoping to post those notes here and have a community Bible study/discussion. And then there’s wood working, tools and salvage to talk about!

Until then…

Christ is risen. He is risen indeed! Alleluia.


1 Rotten Tomatoes has Cliffhanger being release May 8, 2015. It really came out May 28, 1993

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