Boba Fett and the Mandalorian: Missed it by that much

In case you haven’t seen the latest episode of the Mandalorian (Chapter 14: The Tragedy), major spoilers are headed your way.

You’ve been warned.

Here we go.

My fan story “Boba Fett: Dead or Disintegrated” was released on this website a few days before the premiere of the Mandalorian Chapter 1. I wasn’t sure if my vision of Boba Fett would hold up once the Mandalorian was released…

And I was right.

I was way off.

Not that I ever expected to nail it.

The Mandalorian’s version is fantastic. It’s everything we’ve been waiting to see from Boba Fett since he showed up in Empire Strikes Back. There’s a rumor…a new rumor…there’s always rumors…the rumors are back! Fett might get his own show, or movie. If it’s this Fett…it’s going to be good.

What did I get right?

Boba lived

Cobb Vanth got the armor from Jawas, which I believe was mentioned in the Aftermath books. Which meant Boba survived long enough to get out of the Sarlacc. I figured he was still alive and ditched his armor in order to lay low for awhile. This could be still be true, because we don’t know how the Jawas got the armor.

And that’s pretty much it.

Where did my story go wrong?

Slave I

I blew it up.

I didn’t have a choice. I had to knock Boba off his feet so he’d be on the defensive.

The Armor

I figured Boba and Jango’s armor were different, although I never explained where Boba got his armor. He could’ve made the armor himself, I suppose.

Boba’s armor turns out to be Jango’s armor, distressed, battered and remodeled.

What could still be true?

Boba is a wealthy businessman

Boba has to be worth millions of credits given the bounties he’s captured. The rumor is Jango was given millions just for the use of his DNA. Boba must have that money somewhere, right?

Boba’s daughter

This storyline comes from the Legends canon, so it could still happen.

How would it play out?

In my story, Boba heads out to {spoiler}. Perhaps he ran into a problem where his armor became necessary and he returns to Tatooine to get it back. He also finds out his ship wasn’t destroyed in the explosion, but only disabled and the sand wave was the result of a seismic charge dropped from Slave I.

It could happen.

It is Star Wars after all.

If you haven’t read my story, please do, and I hope you enjoy it.

If you haven’t seen the Mandalorian and you’re a fan of the Original Trilogy, I highly recommend it. It’s a simple show done incredibly well with attention to Star Wars detail fans dream about.

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