From the Diary of Joe Biden, Day 1

January 20, 2021

Dear Diary,

On my first day in the Senate as President of the United States, I managed to piss of Canada[1]TC Energy Halts Spending on Keystone XL, Says It’s ‘Disappointed’ With Biden Move ([2]Canada is pressing Biden administration on Keystone XL pipeline, Trudeau says ( They said it couldn’t be done.

The President King Alberta guy thinks he can tough talk me. I’m Joe Biden, not one of these guys who thinks tries can’t handle things.

Alberta isn’t even on my map of Canada. I think Trump is pulling someone’s leg. Mine! Should’ve taken him behind the wood shed and beat the hell out of him when I had the chance[3]Trump and Biden Threaten to Beat Each Other Up – President, Former Vice President Fight (

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