• Armchair Assembly April 13, 2021
    I had this intention when I started up with this blog; I planned on writing at least five posts a month, hopefully more. I haven’t succeeded. I started strong and then it sort of faded off into the back of my digital mind.
  • From the Diary of Joe Biden, Day 36
    Joe Biden breaks the record on executive orders.
  • Myth of the Free Thinker
    There’s a way to avoid the pitfalls of the “Free Thinker” dogma and start thinking for yourself. As the Lord said to Isaiah, “Come, let us reason together[1]Isaiah 1:18.”
  • Freedom of Speech Versus Freedom to Speak
    Censorship is at epidemic levels. Reject social dogma and you will be relegated to a smaller and smaller space. This is most certainly true.
  • 7&7 The Way To Heaven by Dylan Stopher
    I have to admit that there are so many sensationalist Christian books on the market that it’s a bit startling to find one that doesn’t promise to change everything you’ve ever known about the current hot topic.
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ
    What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ? What do the Greeks have to do with it? Who are the righteous people? Let’s sort it out so you’ll understand the Gospel, how simple it is and what it means for your life.


1 Isaiah 1:18
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