Star Wars: Dead or Disintegrated Part 1

I wrote some fan fiction …

It almost feels childish to say that, but I got over it.

I won’t bore you with the details you’ve heard before (I’ve loved Star Wars since day 1. It inspired me to write. It was such a massive and cool universe …. and on and on.)

The story of Boba Fett intrigues me. He’s a mysterious and cool character that we know almost nothing about (if you stick to the movies). We didn’t even know he existed until the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special released the year after Star Wars.

In Empire Strikes back we learned that he’s the one guy who could track down and capture Han Solo. It felt Boba had a future in the Star Wars Universe. We’d be seeing a lot more of the most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy.

And then Return of the Jedi happened.

I love Return of the Jedi, but to see the “most notorious” get back handed into the Sarlacc pit in the first act was disappointing.

Marvel Comics brought him back … only to drop him back in the Sarlacc pit in issue 81 (published Dec 13, 1983).

The Extended Universe brought him back, but outside of Dark Empire and Legacy of the Force Bloodlines, his character remained one dimensional. Clone Wars gave us some detail on his youth, but outside of it being a simple revenge story and hanging with bounty hunters, we didn’t learn much.

The Mandalorian, which premiers tomorrow, was a teaser. There was hope that maybe it would be about, or include Fett, even though he isn’t Mandalorian, but wears Mandalorian armor. As far as we know today, Fett will not be part of that show.

So I wrote my own story.

Star Wars: Dead or Disintegrated

It’s the story of a wounded and beaten Boba Fett who survived the Sarlacc only to be chased by a brother and sister who want revenge for the death of their parents.

It’s a 5 part mini series. This is Part 1. A new part will be released every Monday.

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Notes and Attributions

All rights to Star Wars are owned by Lucasfilm and Disney. This work of fan fiction is not for sale. I am missing the attributions for the images in the cover art. The new characters and story lines are my creation while everything else is borrowed from the Star Wars universe.

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