Star Wars: Dead or Disintegrated Part 4

Continued from Star Wars: Dead or Disintegrated Part 3

My version of Boba Fett’s story continues in Star Wars: Dead or Disintegrated Part 4.

Boba Fett was not that well developed in the movies and we only got a glimpse into his childhood in the Clone Wars TV series. He is essentially a living legend in the original Star Wars movies. Living because he was right there in front of us. Legend because we knew next to nothing about him.

Boba Fett is the most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy. He is the one who led the Empire to Han Solo. He’s the clone of Jango Fett, leaving him with no identity of his own.

In the Expanded Universe, which was changed to Star Wars Legends in the Disney acquisition, we learned that Boba Fett had a sense of justice. He wasn’t just in it for the money, he had a mission to accomplish.

Unfortunately, Fett’s sense of justice didn’t always mesh with the law of the galaxy.

In Part 4 of Dead or Disintegrated, Boba Fett has been captured by Beyla and Viktus and Dengar is set to take the advantage.

Star Wars: Dead or Disintegrated Part 4

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Notes and Attributions

All rights to Star Wars are owned by Lucasfilm and Disney. This work of fan fiction is not for sale. I am missing the attributions for the images in the cover art. The new characters and story lines are my creation while everything else is borrowed from the Star Wars universe.

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