What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

Let’s face it,

lazy is lazy.

If I had a favorite way to spend a lazy day, it would require effort to be that specifically lazy.

Effort isn’t lazy.

As soon as you realize you’re having a lazy day and you decide to have your favorite kind of lazy day you have to start making an effort.

So much for being lazy.

Now, it’s quite possible the effort I put into being lazy is wasted, but that’s wasted effort, not laziness.

This whole question smacks of irresponsibility.

When I’m lazy, I’m just lazy.

Where I land is where I stay and whatever I’m looking at has my undivided, yet unwarranted, attention.

Congratulations, you’re my new favorite. At least until I decide to put in some effort, at which time laziness is over and so are you … whatever you are.

Favoritism in laziness is all about proximity.

What’s my favorite way to spend a lazy day?

I’m not sure.

I usually sleep through them.

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